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Chiefs CB Flowers Calls Ochocinco One of the Best in the NFL

Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers usually matches up with the opposing team's best receiver. Sunday was no different with Flowers going toe-to-toe with Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco.

Ochocinco seemed to be a Brandon Flowers fan. When the Chiefs corner went down with a shoulder injury, Ochocinco was the only player who kneeled behind the doctors on the field. Flowers ended up coming back.

Ochocinco caught 4 balls for 31 yards. He did bring down one touchdown, which ended up being the game winner.  Flowers said defensive coordinator called an all out blitz with the Bengals six yards from the goal line. Palmer was pressured but found Ochocinco in the end zone with Flowers nearby.

"Cincinnati had a great call coming out in a stacked receiver set," Flowers said. "It was one-on-one with a blitz coming. Chad (Ochocinco) won that matchup."

Flowers also said Ochocinco is one of the best in the NFL.

"He is a great receiver," he said, "if not the best in the NFL. I enjoy playing against the best receivers in the league. I try to get better and better each time I play against a receiver like him."

Today I would say Flowers got better. Even though Ochocinco caught the final touchdown pass, Flowers did a solid job keeping him in check.

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