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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 12/27

Good morning everyone.

Today is Jamaal Charles' birthday, Whitlock has a solid article and we're going to watch the Chiefs on TV for the second to last time this season.

Here's some reading this morning. We have a lot more coming before the game this morning so check back.

Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at
"We need to win," said Vrabel. "We need to go out and find a way to win the game. That’s it." That is it. There are many fans and pundits who believe the Chiefs should approach these last two meetings against the Bengals and Broncos as Sundays to cement their spot in the top five of the NFL Draft come April 2010. That’s the worst thing they could do.

(Jason Whitlock) Haley, Pioli should try to fix their own problems -
Here’s another thought that crossed my mind over Christmas: The last young head coach I thought was completely overmatched his first season was Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin. I thought Martin’s sideline demeanor and temper would ruin any chance he had of being successful. Obviously I was wrong, and just as obviously Martin has adjusted, matured and grown in confidence. The same thing could happen to Todd Haley. It’s the holiday season, why not dream of miracles?

Commentary: Facing Chiefs good test for Bengals’ Johnson
It’s difficult to face someone who has cut ties with you, and Johnson will no doubt be motivated, although the talk this week has been tame on the subject.

Chiefs’ decade ending on a dark note -
The Chiefs had their shining moments in the first 10 seasons of the new millennium. They won an AFC West title, qualified for the postseason as a wild-card entrant another time and for a time possessed a dazzling collection of offensive stars that almost weekly put on a stunning display. But this decade will be defined by how it’s ending, and that’s with one of the darkest periods in franchise history.

Chiefs are losing younger fans as their losses mount -
As Kansas City crowds lose interest, season-ticket holders vow to save their money, and home viewers look to see what else is on, there’s a forgotten section of a population growing fed up with the Chiefs: Young Chiefs fans, ages 6 to 12, are tomorrow’s nucleus. And many of them are turning to college sports or other NFL teams while the Chiefs pile one losing season on top of another.

The Chiefs’ decade -

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