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Bengals' Palmer Thinks Chiefs' Cassel Will Be Better With Better Players

As many of you know, Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel both went to USC. They were even roommates at one point (good read from Bob Gretz on that). Both were very complimentary of each other. Palmer said he knew Cassel would take advantage of his first opportunity and Cassel said Palmer had been terrific in a mentor role throughout his career.

Palmer also said it's been fun to "watch him progress from a third string to a backup to a starter and now to a franchise quarterback in Kansas City."

I'd be careful of throwing around "franchise quarterback" but Palmer also believes Cassel will be better once he gets some talent around him.

"If they can get good players around him, he's going to be successful," Palmer said.

This would then imply the Chiefs don't have talent around him, which I think is the case, particularly around the offensive line. The drops at receiver a strange phenomenon but correcting that is all part of Palmer's good players comment.

Despite the lack of talent or wrong members of the right 53, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told Cincinnati reporters this week that Cassel has been dealing with adversity but he expects him to rebound.

"He's had to deal with drops by receivers and tight ends and real adversity," Haley said. "He's got the arm and the athletic ability. I think it's all just part of the process for him."

Palmer's comments are simple but I think they pretty much nail it. I hear a lot of folks arguing that Cassel only did well in New England because he had a lot of talent around him.  Well...isn't that kind of the plan with Pioli and Co. here?

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