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Ochocinco Has Christmas Pinata For Bengals, Chiefs Fans

Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson Ochocinco has a surprise for some of the fans in attendance at Sunday's game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals.

Specifically, Ochocinco will pull out 2,000 $1 bills and go Pacman with it throw it in the stands.

Per the Bengals official site:

The Ocho revealed Thursday that if he scores a touchdown against the Chiefs on Sunday he'll throw a pinata into the stands filled with 2,000 dollar bills. Since it will be behind the bench and not in the end zone, he won't cost the team 15 yards. And, he says, since he won't take it into the bench area, he doesn't think the NFL can fine him, either.

Ochocinco, ladies and gentleman.

What do you think the reaction is going to be? 

I was going to say it will be pandemonium in the stands but for there to be pandemonium you have to have, you know, people in the stands.

Anyone headed out to the game in Cincinnati?

(H/T 1kmilesfromkc in the FanShots)

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