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Chiefs Players Letting Haley Know Run Defense is Unacceptable

Earlier this season, Jamaal Charles went to Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and told him he was not content with being deactivated in the second week of the season.  Charles basically told the coach that he was going to come back from that and be successful anyway.

Haley indicated that he was happy when players came to him in the same fashion Charles did.

It sounds as if some players have let him know that the way the run defense has performed in recent weeks is unacceptable.

"I won’t get into the personal conversations but looking around on the sideline and then after the game and then in here on Monday you saw it from the guys," Haley said yesterday. "That’s really where we need to get to."

After the 286 yard rushing day by Jerome Harrison last weekend, I would hope some players demand something happen just for prideful reasons. Bottomline, having those highlights flash the screen is embarrassing.  Remember, if you're embarrassed as a fan, then you're probably not alone and that's the case here.

"It’s not acceptable," Haley continued. "It’s not all right. Not from me or the other coaches, which it’s never going to be, but from the players where they draw a line in the sand and say, this isn’t going to be all right. I think you saw some of that towards the end of that game."

Haley did say that he likes it when players hold the other players accountable. However, at the end of the day, this quote in the building still holds true - Do Your Job.

"They have to be doing their part," he said. "You just can’t be holding other people accountable if you’re not doing your job. That’s why people aren’t jumping front and center to be that guy always."

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