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Matt Cassel Talks About His Responsibility to Chiefs Fans

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is certainly under a lot of pressure from not only the team but the community of Kansas City as well.  This is definitely a football town and with everyone desperately wanting a winner, they know that rests on the shoulders of Matt Cassel.

Cassel was asked yesterday what sort of obligation he has to the community in his role as the starting quarterback.

"Part of my job is to win ballgames," he said. "Being a quarterback of any NFL team, that’s the primary goal."

He said all that other stuff will usually work itself out once the team starts to win. I happen to agree with him. If you're winning, everyone loves you. If you're losing, you can't do anything right - on or off the field.

Whether it's wins or losses, Cassel recognizes that he does have a responsibility to the community but that shouldn't be a primary focus during the season.

"My focus during the season is this team, being here at the facility, doing whatever I can to help this football team win on the field. During the off-season when you have time to do it, go out in the community, meet people, to give back, to do community service. I think that’s all part of being the quarterback of a team."

Cassel has demonstrated in his short time here that he's willing to go out into the community (even during the season), which I think is a nice sign. No, it's not vital to winning football games, which is the ultimate goal, but it's nice.

"Like I said before," he continued, "if you win ballgames, a lot of that takes care of itself. There’s no doubt we have a responsibility to our fan base but I think the reason why they come to the games is to watch a good product out on the field and to watch us win."

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