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Chiefs May Face Another Road Blackout

I feel like I'm using the word blackout more often than I want to these days. Nevertheless, the Kansas City Chiefs could be facing yet another road blackout this weekend in Cincinnati.

"That's right," Cincy Jungle writes. "An old story updated. How many tickets remain for Cincinnati's home finale of the season?"

About 3,000. Sound familiar?

Unlike the Chiefs, the Bengals have an interesting advantage. With a win-and-you're-in scenario looming for the Bengals, they have announced that buying a ticket to the Chiefs game will guarantee you a playoff seat. Of course, you have to pay for it all up front, and will be refunded should the Bengals not, you know, make the playoffs.

Like the dwindling crowds at Arrowhead, the Chiefs road games haven't been a fanfest of any kind.

The Chiefs November 8th game against the Jaguars was blacked out in the Jacksonville area. As was the November 15th game against the Raiders.

The Chargers had to rush to sell tickets to the very last second for it to be televised in San Diego on November 29th.

With the help of an extension, the Chiefs sold enough tickets to televise the Buffalo Bills game. And then we all know what happened last week.

In the Chiefs last seven games, there have been three blackouts and two extensions granted. The other two, Pittsburgh and Denver in Kansas City, definitely had open seats across the stadium.

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