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Todd Haley Says the Chiefs Haven't Regressed

Todd Haley was asked yesterday if the Kansas City Chiefs play over the last few games demonstrates a regression.  Giving up 40 points in three of the last four games? Scoring 14 or less in three of the last four games?  Four straight losses?

"No, I wouldn’t take that stance," Haley said sticking to his original thoughts - "We weren't good enough."

Haley says "there has been progress made in enough areas to know that we’re making progress." Generally I can buy the progress line but the last month hasn't shown that. The stats point to more of a regression.

Against the Steelers (114 yards) and Chargers (94 yards), the Chiefs run defense wasn't terrible.  But...they gave up 402 and 332 yards passing, respectively.

How do the Chiefs follow that up?  Holding their next three opponents to under 175 yards passing. But...they gave up 796 yards rushing in those three games.

The Chiefs have created three turnovers in each of the last three games and ten over the last four. But...the offense has given back 12.

"But I wouldn’t go so far as to say there has been regression," Haley continued, "but a little too much yo-yo on certain individuals and certain groups."

Haley was hesitant when asked if it was a coaching issue or a personnel issue. He called the question "too black and white" for him to answer. "I think it’s a group effort. It’s doing things the right way and coaches getting our players to do it the right way and then our players doing it the right way. "

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