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Jim Brown Watched Harrison Break His Record Against the Chiefs

Maybe Jim Brown knew something special was going to happen for the Cleveland Browns yesterday and that's the reason he made the trip.  More than likely that's not the case but one of the game's greatest players was in attendance when little known RB Jerome Harrison went wild against the Kansas City Chiefs defense.

Bob Gretz of tells us Brown watched Sunday's game inside Arrowhead Stadium.

What makes even more frustrating for the Chiefs, is that stopping the run and putting the game on the shoulders of Brady Quinn was one of the focal points heading into the game.

"One of our keys going in was our front line must win that battle," head coach Todd Haley said after the game. "From my vantage point, it did not look like that battle was won and when you lose that battle you generally lose [the game]. I saw a lot of movement on their part and our guys going one way, the wrong way, too much of the time."

286 yards. No, not as a team. That's just for Harrison, which happens to be a new record. The previous one was held by Mr. Brown. The team ran for another 66 yards on the Chiefs totaling a staggering 351 yards rushing in all.

Harrison already had a big day in the first half against the Chiefs racking up 78 yards rushing - a good total, but not a sign of a record breaking second half.

At halftime, Eric Mangini went into the locker room and told his players, "Josh Cribbs cannot keep bailing out this team by himself. He needs some help."

Enter Harrison, who rushed another 22 times for 208 yards in the second half.

It's not like the Chiefs didn't know what they were going to do. Mike Vrabel said after the game that when a team slams the ball down your throat like that, it's a physical thing.

Either way, Mangini - let me stress this, Eric Mangini of the Browns, embattled head coach whom all the players supposedly hate - challenged his players to step up and they did against the Chiefs.

The performance was so good, Canton called and asked for a few mementos from the day.

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