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Arrowhead Pride, SB Nation Dominate Blog Rankings

The Kansas City Chiefs season is going in the tank but that doesn't mean Arrowhead Pride has to as well.  Sports Media Challenge recently ranked the top NFL blogs across the blogosphere using a formula that involved three criteria:

Content - "‘Content is king’ goes without saying. All of the other metrics would not matter if a blog did not consistently provide relevant posts that its audience wanted to read."

Community - "The community measurement takes into account web traffic as well as comments, quality of comments, unique commentators, and response rates along with several other factors."

Influence - "The influence is a measure of a blog's overall impact within the sports blogosphere."

Where does AP rank using this criteria?

"There's plenty of playoff contenders here to read up on," SMC writes, "but you don't have to be a playoff contender to have a great blog. Just ask our #2 ranked blog this year."

Yep, AP comes at No. 2 for the top NFL blogs across the blogosphere.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

"This Chiefs blog proves you don't have to follow a great team to have a great blog. SB Nation blogs are known to pump out the content, but this one provides its fans with more content than any other on this list, and the readers respond producing one of the most interactive and engaged communities."

So, being miserable together has helped create one of the top NFL blogs on the net.  A big thanks to everyone because this truly is a community effort.

As for the rest of SBNation?  8 in the top 10 isn't bad...

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