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Chiefs Players Search for Answers After Browns 351 Yard Rushing Day

On December 16th, 1990, the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Houston Oilers wasn't sold out and thus wasn't televised. It's a shame it wasn't on TV (unless you're a Chiefs fan) because Warren Moon put up a record setting day with over 500 passing yards, then an NFL record.

Fast forward 19 years, and the Chiefs game didn't sell out and thus wasn't televised. There was a similar record breaking performance, except this time it was on the ground. Jerome Harrison of the Cleveland Browns challenged the NFL single game rushing record, falling just nine yards short.

Asked if he knew the Browns' Jerome Harrison had put up the third biggest day in NFL history, Chiefs LB Andy Studebaker said, "I didn't even know that.  That's frustrating for sure."

"I don't know exactly what was going on on each play," Studebaker continued, "but that's why we have to go back and look at what's going wrong and fix it. We definitely need all 11 guys and if we only have 10 guys on one play, then you're putting yourself in a bad situation for four quarters."

"That's a great question," S Jon McGraw said when asked what went wrong with the defense today. "I don't have an good answer for you. At the end of the day, we knew what they were going to do and they did it anyway. So, it really wasn't good on our part."

LB Mike Vrabel had an answer for the, gulp, 351 rushing yards.

"When you just shove the ball down somebody's throat in the running game, it has to be physical," Vrabel said after the game.

"We can draw up a thousand defenses and it wouldn't matter. I think there was a time when a few of those plays hurt us earlier in the year, and they came back to them. Repeatedly."

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