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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs v. Cleveland Browns










When: Noon, Arrowhead time

Where: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Browns on SBN: Dawgs by Nature

  • NFL TV distribution maps are here.
  • Coverage of the game leading up to now is here.
  • Listen to the game online at 101 The Fox (click Listen Live in the upper right corner)

It's the final home game of the 2009 regular season for the Chiefs, and the first blackout since December 16, 1990. It will be tough to get up for this game but I know we have it in us Chiefs fans. This is still the Kansas City Chiefs...

Joel is back in the press box, which is also the last time this press box will be used during a Chiefs game. A new press box is being erected as we speak (or finished, not sure) to keep step with the other structural changes at Arrowhead.

Despite the rough week it's been, we do have Dwayne Bowe's return to look forward too. He's back after a four game suspension.

Get your predictions for the final score in before the game. I'm taking the Chiefs in a medium-scoring game: 16 to 10.


Chiefs first defensive drive:

Josh Cribbs received the kick around the six and took it to the 24 yard line.

The Browns moved the ball fairly well in their first drive accumulating 4 first downs. They rushed for 27 yards and passed for 19 on the drive.  Brady Quinn was long on two deep throws that were incompletes. The drive was 4:47 and took 12 plays. The Browns kicked a 46 yard field goal to end the drive.

Chiefs first offensive drive:

Mark Bradley had a nice return to the 28 yard line.

The Chiefs moved the ball fairly well to start the drive hitting Bowe and Cottam on crossing routes.  On a first down, Castille took a handoff and was tackled at the line of scrimmage.  As he was going down, it looks like the ball was popping out. A Browns player picked it up and the referees ruled it a fumble, Browns ball.  The Chiefs challenged the playcall. There really wasn't a definitive camera angle and the call was upheld.

The Browns took over at their own 47 yard line.

Chiefs second defensive drive:

That was quick.  On the third play of the drive, Quinn tried to go deep but was about 10 yards too short and the ball was picked off by Carr.  He returned it over 20 yards to the 49 yard line.

Carr was trying to cut back into the middle of the field and wouldn't go down. I think he thought he was a ball carrier.

Chiefs second offensive drive:

On the first play of the drive, Cassel dropped back to pass and couldn't find anyone.  He threw the ball at Castille's feet to avoid a sack.  On the second play, Cassel dropped back to pass looking at Bradley streaking deep across the middle of the field.  Bradley was covered by the safety over the top so he tucked the ball and ran it.

The third play was interesting.  Cassel dropped back to pass and threw an absolute duck to Chambers, who had to stop and wait for the ball.  It was a jump ball and he came down with it for a 31 yard game.

The Chambers catch put the Chiefs inside the 15 yard line and Cassel over threw an open Charles.  The next play Bowe dropped the ball on a slant route. It was definitely catchable.

The Chiefs kicked a field goal from 30 yards out to tie the game.

Six plays, 37 yards, 1:58.

Chiefs third defensive drive

Not much of a drive.  Cribbs took the return at the goal line and ran 100 yards to the house.  There were multiple missed tackles on the return.

This was more the fault of the Chiefs than a credit to Cribbs.

Chiefs third offensive drive:

On 2nd and 10, Cassel dropped back to pass and threw the ball away in Charles' general direction.  The refs blew the whistely and called intentional grounding knocking the Chiefs back 14 yards.

Cassel threw it to a running back for a 8 yard gain, then Casel went deep to Bowe and overthrew it by about 3 yards.

Bad series.

Chiefs fourth defensive drive:

The Browns started at their own 47 yard line after a 30 yard Colquitt punt.

The Browns had two short runs for 7 yards and entered a 3rd and 3.  Quinn sent a man in motion and hit him in the flats for a first down. Travis Daniels was on the coverage.  On the next first down, DaJuan Morgan (Yeah, he still plays) tackled the running back for a 7 yard gain.

Poor tackling by the Chiefs - facing a 2nd and 3 from the Chiefs 35 yard line, the Browns running back shot off left tackle and, with a missed tackle, took it to the 21 yard line for a 14 yard gain.

The Browns worked their way inside the 15 yard line and, facing a 3rd and 3, ran a delayed draw out of the shotgun for a gain of one yard.  On 4th and 2, the Browns kicked another 30 yard field goal.

Browns 13 Chiefs 3

9 plays, 40 yards, 4:32.

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