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Chiefs Coach Continues To Wear Shorts in the Winter

Yes, the hard hitting news you're used to.

If you're a Kansas Citian, then you know today was a little brisk.  With temperatures in the 30s and 40s, I definitely had my jacket on and the heat going in the car.  I found my ice scraper last week to prepare for the inevitability of snow.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley?  Not so much.

He wears shorts out on the practice field even in the winter.  The head coach told reporters this afternoon that it's a tradition dating back to his time with the Chicago Bears when he was a receivers coach.  He prefers his players not wear sleeves, which is easy to do during training camp in August but a little more difficult during December in the midwest.

"They said, ‘well, that’s easy for you say'," Haley explained. "So I said I’d wear shorts every day and I won’t wear a jacket on Sunday. I won the bet but they went sleeveless in games. We had a pretty tough-minded group of receivers."

Since then, he's made it a tradition.  The lesson in all of this (of course there is one) is creating a group of mentally tough players that won't be bothered by external distractions.

"I think just trying to create the mentality that I want this team to have," Haley said, "which is a mentally tough group that not much can bother, not much from the outside and not much when they’re lining up on Sunday can bother, that can overcome bad, difficult times. I think you can only get that by doing some of these things and guys learning how to fight through and not being given an easy way out."

There you have it. That's the story on shorts in December.

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