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Chiefs Can Play Spoiler to the Broncos

The Denver Broncos are currently 7-4 and down the stretch will have to win at least two more games to talk playoffs.  Depending on the scenarios, they could need three wins.

Here's the Broncos remaining schedule:

See what I see?  The Chiefs are going to have a major opportunity to play spoiler to the Broncos down the stretch.  At best, I think, they'll split with the Colts and Eagles, and beat the Raiders....which means they need a victory against the Chiefs.

I can see one of two scenarios unfolding:

The Chiefs become the classic trap game for the Broncos since it's sandwiched between a big Thanksgiving night game against the Giants and potential playoff foe the Colts.  


The Broncos players realize it's easier to beat the Chiefs and Raiders than the Colts and Eagles and prepare themselves so that it's not a letdown game.

What do you think?  Will this become a trap game for the Broncos?

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