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Chiefs Sign Wrestler and Former Patriot Jermail Porter

The Kansas City Chiefs added OL Jermail Porter to the practice squad today.

Name sound familiar? It should.

The 6'5", 310 pound Kent State product worked out for the Chiefs back in October.  He's unique because his experience as a football player includes only a stint with the New England Patriots this summer as an undrafted free agent.

No high school. No college.  Heck, he was even too big to play peewee football.

All that said, this move isn't that surprising when you consider how Todd Haley feels about wrestlers turned football players.

"I love wrestlers from the standpoint of balance if nothing else," Haley said on November 19th, "linemen who have been wrestlers, too. A lot of times when he’s been a wrestler he has a little lower of gravity and not built for speed so much."

The most noted wrestler on the team is LB Jovan Belcher, who was an All-American in high school.

"But I think that does nothing but help you," Haley continued. "There isn’t anything tougher than that. You go in those wrestling rooms and it’s 100 degrees and a lot of sweat."

Here are a few links on Porter:

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