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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 12/2

Not a whole lot out there today so a few updates on the rest of the AFC West and other NFL stuff.

Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at

Since he became the starter, Charles has 12 catches for 95 yards and a touchdown. His catch last Sunday against the Chargers was a thing of beauty. Back at the start of the regular season, Haley and his offensive staff had Charles spend time every week with the wide receivers catching footballs. In those practices, he ran receivers routes, not running back routes. That extra work really showed up on the 49-yard play against San Diego. Charles had to adjust to coverage from CB Quentin Jammer and an underthrown ball from QB Matt Cassel. He did both on the fly and caught the ball.

Chiefs secondary has been exposed with big plays -

The other thing that has held back the Chiefs this season is an overall lack of speed on defense. Kansas City is one of the NFL’s slowest teams, and the team understands that the Chiefs aren’t likely to return to relevance until that fact is addressed. The team could pursue a free-agent safety during the offseason or wait and try its hand at one of the elite safeties, Tennessee’s Eric Berry or Southern California’s Taylor Mays, in April’s draft. In the meantime, the Chiefs are stuck with what they have. And it’s not as if they haven’t spent this season looking for solutions. They haven’t yet discovered a long-term fix, and it has become clear that, until they do, teams will continue targeting the widening hole in Kansas City’s defense.

Unfettered Letters

I will come back the next time the Steelers and Chiefs play. I’m sure the Steelers will whip the Chiefs then. If they do, I can only hope that I will be half as gracious a winner as the Chiefs fans showed themselves to be.

The Kansas City Chiefs Won't Lay Down For Us! - Mile High Report

Entering into week 13 doesn't leave me feeling very quavery, but it does have me a little concerned. The Kansas City Chiefs have of late been one of our toughest games to win, especially in Arrow Head Stadium in December. Shannahan couldn't do it and what makes new head coach Josh McDaniels think he can some how break this tradition? For one thing, his ideals and schemes are not the prior regimes schemes. What he has though is a system that is very hard to decipher and defend against, at least when it is working right. I want to discuss with the brilliant minds of MHR and ArrowHead Pride of how this game will be decided one way or another.

Michael Vick Expects A Standing Ovation? OK, Not Really - SB Nation

Vick smiled when asked about the kind of reaction he expected from Falcons fans. "I'm going to get a great reaction from the crowd. It's going to be a standing ovation," he said, smiling. "It's still my city."No, Michael Vick! Don't Say

That! (Oh. Nevermind.) - SB Nation

"I wish I could have a dog right now more than anything in the world," Vick admitted while acknowledging that his judge has banned him from owning dogs after a lifetime spent with the animals.Message to Al (website petition) -

Silver And Black Pride

Can you remember all of this? Because, to be honest, all of this is hazy at best for me. There were times where the Raiders would have more than 10 total TDs in 11 quarters; now the Raiders have 10 offensive TDs in 11 whole games. There were games where Rich Gannon carved up defenses for 350+ yards of passing, now we're lucky to get 350 yards in a month. There was a time when the Raiders had the best record for Monday Night Football games; now, as fans, we dread having the Raiders on primetime because we don't want to be embarrassed in front of the entire nation. I am tired of seeing MY TEAM get pummeled week in and week out. I am sick of seeing the storied  Silver and Black trampled under the feet of mouthy commentators after another pitiful performance. And I am FED UP with losing. It's time for a change.

State of the AFC West Week 12 - Bolts From The Blue

On the other hand, I was going to say how the Chiefs had improved; that was until the annoying Chief trolls came. It's a good thing that they did come because the Chiefs didn't really improve, they still suck; maybe just slightly less so with the release of Johnson. Jamaal Charles looks like the only good player on that team though.

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