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Is This the Worst Chiefs Game of the Decade?

I've got to admit I had a bad feeling about the Chiefs/Browns game being blacked out when I saw a stat either last week or the week before that showed the Chiefs and Browns as the only two AFC teams to be eliminated from the playoffs.

You'll clearly see why these two teams were eliminated first from the playoffs when you check out the chart I've posted after the jump. I've compared the Chiefs' and Browns' league ranks across a variety of defensive and offensive categories. You've been seeing where the Chiefs rank pop up occasionally here on AP. The Browns don't rank much better.

The Chiefs are 3-10 and the Browns are 2-11.

I want you take a look at the ranks after the jump and ask yourself: "Is this the least competitive the game the Chiefs have played in the last ten years?"

Offense Yards / Game Rushing Yards / Game Passing Yards / Game INTs Sacks / Pass Attempt 1st Downs / Game 3rd Down Pct Points / Game
Browns 32 20 32 26 21 31 28 30
Chiefs 30 21t 27 20 29 28 32 28
Defense Yards / Game Rushing Yards / Game Passing Yards / Game INTs Sacks / Pass Attempt 1st Downs / Game Red Zone Pct Points / Game
Browns 31 29 25 32 6 32 8 25
Chiefs 30 28 24 24 31 21t 21 29

As much as I hate to admit it, the Browns have the edge on the Chiefs when comparing these rankings.

The Chiefs have pretty much no highlights but the Browns can point to their sacks on D and their defensive red zone percentage as highlights.

Check out this page with the Chiefs' annual schedules and let us know if you think this is the least competitive game of the decade heading into the weekend.

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