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Browns' Mangini Heaps High Praise on Chiefs' Vrabel


Photo via Kansas City Star

A few years back, it was then head coach of the New York Jets Eric Mangini who blew the whistle on the New England Patriots videotaping practices that ultimately launched SpyGate. If you're wondering if there's any resentment between Mangini, and his former colleagues in New England, it sure doesn't sound like it.

Mangini heaped praise upon Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel, who was with the Patriots at the same time as Mangini.  Specifically, Mangini links Vrabel to guys like Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi in terms of football knowledge.

"He could remember defenses that we ran two and three years prior and site them and give the specific play and how it worked," Mangini told Cleveland reporters today. "I imagine he’ll eventually go into coaching and he’ll be outstanding.  I’m sure his leadership has been a good thing for them defensively."

Mangini said he has told one of his younger linebackers to look at Vrabel, and do what he does. He also reiterated on several occasions that he believes Vrabel will make it to the coaching ranks at some point.

"He knew the defense, not just his assignment, knew the defense, could draw up the defense, could coach the defense.  I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not coaching major college football or pro football at some point and be really successful."

Chiefs LB Andy Studebaker has, on several occasions, pointed to Mike Vrabel has a reason for his relative success in his young career.  Vrabel missed several games earlier in the season with injury and Studebaker credits him as the reason he was able to step in and play so well even at one point calling him a coach on the sidelines.

"Mike used to be on the show team and he’d want to play safety on the show team," Mangini continued. "He’d disguise stuff.  He used to frustrate Tom (Brady) to no end, because he’d disguise things."

Well, the Chiefs do have a need at safety...

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