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Suh Seems Unlikely to be Available for the Chiefs at This Point

You can always tell your season isn't going well when NFL Draft talk starts before January hits.  Nevertheless, we'll lightly delve into the draft arena regarding Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle out of Nebraska.

We've all heard his name and even though the Chiefs have spent a top five pick on defensive linemen the past two years he still appears to be a desirable pick.  

In fact, he's desired by everyone.

Last Sunday on NBC's Football Night in America, Peter King was asked who will land at the top of the draft in April.

"There's no question it's going to be a boy named Suh, Ndamukong Suh, the great Nebraska defensive tackle," he said.  "In fact, polling the league this past week I've learned that this is the most desirable defensive player to come out of football in this decade."

That includes Julius Peppers (No. 2 overall) and Glenn Dorsey (No. 5 overall) in recent years.

"The two general managers of the Rams and Bucs have told me both that he's probably going to end up at the top of their draft board.  Not necessarily that they'll take him because of needs but I think he'll be at the top of everybody's draft board in the top five of this draft."

The Rams and Bucs are currently slated to draft 1 and 2, respectively, in April's draft.  A lot can change but I don't see either team making a late season push and finishing with the Chiefs three wins.

While Suh would be nice, it doesn't appear likely that he'll be around.

Of course that won't stop his name from being mentioned on Arrowhead Pride just about everyday until April.

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