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Which Chiefs Players Still Pass Even If They're Failing?

With so much talk about this present season being a tryout year of sorts for both our coaches and our players, we've surmised as to how many of our players fare in this current year both good and. Speculation runs rampant on who will end up staying, having impressed the coaches and front office. Equally as much, we bring up those players who are disappointing in the first year under Todd Haley and how they will likely be bounced from the organization in a continual purge of Carl Peterson's players.

Yet many in the NFL take more than one or even two or three seasons to blossom and we've seen some former Chiefs go on to solid returns for other ballclubs after they'd been deemed replaceable here in Kansas City. It's because of this that I believe we will still see some disappointing players returning next year. The question is this: who are they?

So therein lies the question for all of you to consider and answer: what players currently on our roster deserve to stay even with lackluster results so far? Does anyone in particular deserve another chance next year to continue to develop their craft? We'd love to hear your answers and why.

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