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Former Buffalo Bills RB Thurman Thomas Not a Matt Cassel Fan

I'm guessing that former Bills RB and Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas watches most Buffalo Bills games on Sundays.

Well apparently, Thomas was watching this past Sunday when he had some choice words to say about Matt Cassel on his unverified but pretty much verified Twitter page:


I'd be inclined to give the Hall of Fame RB and incredible football player some benefit of the doubt on his talent evaluation. Until I read the rest of his bat**** crazy Tweets. And by tweets, I mean plural. As in at least a dozen tweets an hour 15 hours a day. Thurman. Thomas. Is. Crazy.

"at least I sleep for 8 hrs"

"make sure ur stuff is out of the house and ur married"

"I'm being attacked by the night of the living, junior varsity, pine riders, get me out!"

"Collinsworth is a Major A-Wipe!!!!"

"I'm not done with you, doughboy

"Does anyone care about the Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"and ur on me, tell me ur athletic background"

"ok what type athlete you"

" I'm following you now, so tell some of peeps to follow me. Let's keep in touch"

And with that, we're done talking about the Bills. Hello Cleveland....

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