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The Lowest of the Lows for Chiefs WR Bobby Wade

The question was simple: Has it ever been this bad for you?

Bobby Wade seemed to struggle with the answer searching for the right words.

"No,, not on this level. I had a couple losing seasons in Chicago early as a young player but after that second year the worse I've ever been is 8-8."

It's easy to forget sometimes that this is the lowest of the lows for a large percentage of the Chiefs players out on the field every Sunday. Not many teams lose on the level the Chiefs have this season and only a handful of teams lose this consistently over three seasons.

"This is a business," Wade said, "but it's also a sport. It's a game and it's meant to be fun."

"If you can't find a way to get back to work, be a professional, then get back on Sunday and find a way to perform then it's going to be a rough three weeks. I guess that's the challenge for everyone: find the love of the game, be professional, get better, and progress. Obviously, playoff hopes are out the window and we have to find a way to build going forward."

Wade was also asked in this tough time if any of the players quit.  

"I can't evaluate that without looking at the film and even looking at the film it's not my job to evaluate it. I'm going to leave that to the coaches and let them do that."

"We had some guys out fighting and scratching, most of us."

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