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Help Keep the Chiefs Sellout Streak Alive

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Dear Kansas City Chiefs Fans,

I'm here to ask for your help. The Kansas City Chiefs play the Cleveland Browns this weekend and the game is in grave danger of being blacked out from television. This means no Chiefs at home, at the bars or on satellite TV.

As a Chiefs fan living outside of Kansas City, like the vast majority of you, a blackout would prohibit me from seeing the Chiefs' final home game of the season.

It would also be the end of one of the longest active sell out streaks in the NFL (156 games), a streak that started on December 23rd, 1990 - exactly one week after the Chiefs last black out.

We need to make sure the streak reaches 157 consecutive games.

Here's what we can do. Do our best to encourage Chiefs fans in the Kansas City area and beyond to attend the Browns game if they can. The Chiefs were 3,500 tickets short of the league requirement this past Thursday and will likely have an even larger amount of tickets available this coming Thursday.

We need to encourage local Chiefs fan to attend the game. To keep the streak alive. To not let this season get any darker. This is a proud statistic to have in the NFL.  It points to our commitment as the greatest sports fans of all-time.

This link will take you directly to's page for the Chiefs/Browns game. If you can attend the game and don't have tickets, please consider doing so this weekend against the Browns. Chiefs fans around the world will thank you for it.

Here's how you can help spread the word:

  • Send out a tweet about this post (Click the Twitter icon at the bottom of this post)
  • Share this on your Facebook page (Click the Share button at the bottom of this post)
  • E-mail this link out to you friends - Keep the Chiefs Sellout Streak Alive
  • Tell anyone and everyone you can to buy Chiefs tickets

One more time - here is the link directly to's Chiefs/Browns tickets page.

Tweet, share or e-mail out the link to this post to spread the word: Help Keep the Chiefs Sellout Steak Alive

We're going to need to rally this week to get enough tickets sold. I am confident it will happen. If you end up buying tickets this week or know of someone who does, let us know in the comments.


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