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Matt Cassel Shows His Frustration With Booing Fans

With 1:10 left in the first half and the Chiefs down by a touchdown, Chiefs QB Matt Cassel led the Chiefs on a 27-yard drive that ended near mid-field.

Cassel hit Bobby Wade on a long third down for a 22-yard gain. He also hit Chris Chambers for 10 yards to get the Chiefs to the Buffalo 48-yard line. Then a sack; 1-yard pass; and two incomplete passes shut down the Chiefs' chances of getting a late first half score.

When Cassel's 4th and 15 pass hit the ground, the boo birds of Arrowhead came out.

And so did Matt Cassel's frustration. Here's what he had to say to the booing fans of Arrowhead:

I'm not 100% but I'm close:

Cassel said "Shut the **** up" to the booing fans. Joel tells me that there were quite a few folks at the stadium talking about this.

Cassel isn't used to losing, playing on great USC teams in college and of course the New England Patriots in the NFL.

I guess the boo birds got to him today. Can't say I blame him for being frustrated. At the time, Cassel was playing a pretty great game. Here are his first half stats:

  • 18/24
  • 145 yards
  • 89.9 QB rating

Did Cassel have a right to be frustrated by booing fans at the end of the first half? Yeah, I think he did. Those numbers are pretty great considering what the Chiefs have been putting up.

Here's what Cassel had to say after the game about the fans:

"Hey, they’re allowed to do whatever they want. They pay the money to come here and we have to perform.”

“You know, it’s frustrating not to be winning; that’s really what it is. You come out and put so much hard work in each and every week and to not have the production all the time on Sunday and putting up the W’s for the fans, for us and for everybody, it’s frustrating.”

Chiefs fans, take it easy on Cassel. He's putting with a lot of BS this season, especially with the dropped passes. He deserves better from Chiefs fans.

H/T to C.E. Wendler of WPI for the video.

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