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Projecting Matt Cassel's 2009 Season Totals

We've had plenty of healthy debate around here recently about whether or not Matt Cassel is the answer at quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The critics point to his bad games this season (Philadelphia, San Diego, Denver) and his supporters point to his good ones (Pittsburgh, Dallas, Jacksonville) for evidence.

What if we project out Cassel's stats for the rest of the season? What would his season totals look like?

That's exactly what I've done, after the jump.

We're 3/4ths of the way through the season. Here's what Cassel's stats are right now:

  • 349 pass attempts
  • 188 completions
  • 1,982 passing yards
  • 13 passing TDs
  • 9 INTs
  • 42 rushing attempts
  • 164 rushing yards

And here's what they look like when we project them out for a 16-game season:

  • 436 pass attempts
  • 235 completions
  • 2,478 passing yards
  • 16 passing TDs
  • 11 INTs
  • 52 rushing attempts
  • 205 rushing yards

For some perspective, Cassel's passing yards would be the lowest total for a 15-game starter since Bill Kenney's 1,922 passing yards in 1986. His 16 TDs would be the lowest total since 1998. 436 pass attempts would be the lowest total since 1992.

Cassel passed for 3,693 yards last in New England, throwing in 21 TDs and 11 INTs. If Cassel neared his projected total in passing yards this season, he will have been a 1/3rd less productive in KC than in New England.

Overall, this would be a rough season total for Cassel. Just goes to show how bad this offense really is.

Do these projected stats make you think any different of Cassel than you do now?

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