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There is an Argument For the Chiefs Coach To Continue Calling Plays

Yesterday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley made his most telling statements to date regarding his future as the Chiefs offensive coordinator and playcaller. He said he believes and has experienced that the team operates most efficiently when there is an offensive and defensive coordinator, which would allow him to be involved in the overall gameday management instead of being cooped up in calling plays.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star appeared on the Morning Rush with Roger Twibell today and said he fails to see the logic in removing Haley as the playcaller.

"Todd Haley got this job and he's been promoted throughout his years in the NFL because of his ability to work with offenses, call plays and draw up game plans," Teicher said. 

"Do you want to take him out of that?"

The man makes a point. 

Haley's name entered the 2009 coaching pool because of his immense success with the 2008 Arizona Cardinals and their Super Bowl run. He was hired because he was good at his job, which in large part entailed calling the plays on offense.

He was regarded as one of the better playcallers in the league while with the Cardinals so it's unlikely, I think, the Chiefs can hire anyone out there who can A) call plays better than Haley and B) successfully create Haley's vision of the offense.

"I know he's got a thousand other jobs as a head coach but this is what he does well, or has done well," Teicher continued.

Teicher also says that despite Haley's words yesterday, it will be difficult for him when push comes to shove to actually let someone else assume responsibility of the playcalling.

"Will his personality and emotion allow him to step back and say, 'Okay, this offense is your baby and I'm going to step out of it. Through thick and thin you're our guy'. I don't think he can do that. 

"I think he thinks he can, and intends to do those things, I just don't think he can."

Teicher also notes that this gets into a broader question of how the NFL hires its coaches, which you can listen to courtesy of 610 Sports.

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