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Haley, Belichick Say the Same Thing on Weis

I caught a few words from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick this afternoon and, like the Chiefs, was asked about New England being a potential destination for ex-Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis.

I noticed something pretty quickly.  Belichick addressed the Weis situation almost exactly the same way Haley did.

Here's a rundown of what each coach had to say about the potential coaching addition:

1. Their focus is solely on the next opponent

2. No moves will be made until the end of the year

3. Acknowledging their personal relationship with Weis

We still really don't know where either team is at with Weis except that nothing will happen until the end of the season.  I found it interesting that both Haley and Belichick hit pretty much the same points when addressing the situation. Neither coach explicitly denied the possibility.

After the jump, I pulled a few quotes from each coach's press conference and compared them.

1. Their focus is solely on the next opponent

Haley: "My focus right now is 100% on trying to get ready for the Denver Broncos and bounce back from a very disappointing game yesterday."

Belichick: "Right now my focus is on the Miami Dolphins, and getting ready to go down there and play a tough division game on the road."

2. No moves will be made until the end of the year

Haley: "As I said last week, at the end of the year I will do anything and everything to evaluate areas of this team and coaching staff to get better. I would say that’s more a question for when the season is over."

Belichick: "Anything along that nature is something that would be addressed at a later point in time. It’s not anything that is on the front burner at all."

3. Acknowledging their personal relationship with Weis

Haley: "I shared an 8X8 office with Charlie for three years in New York, by the way. I know Charlie about as up-close-and-personal as you can know him.

Belichick: "Of course, I go back a long way with Charlie and we have a good friendship. I talk to him on a pretty regular basis, so I’m disappointed for him on that level."

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