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Chiefs Dominate Denver in December

When the Kansas City Chiefs meet the Denver Broncos this weekend, it will be the 99th meeting between the two sides.  The last two decades, the Chiefs have clearly had the Arrowhead advantage.

Since 1995, the Broncos have won in Arrowhead on just three occasions.  One of them was an overtime victory while the other two were Bronco blowouts.

The Chiefs own more victories over the Broncos than any other team except the Raiders.  In 98 meetings, the Chiefs have 53 games (clearly demonstrating that they're the superior franchise...except for those, uh, Super Bowl wins).

History says one of the keys to a Chiefs victory is a solid rushing attack. We all know that Jamaal Charles surpassed Larry Johnson in total rushing yards (in over 50 less carries) for the Chiefs this season.  

The Chiefs last four wins have come from days when LJ rushed for 151, 140 and 157 yards.  The fourth win came when the team rushed for over 200 yards total.

Another key in the past has been holding Denver under 21 points.  Dating back to 1995, the Chiefs are 7-0 at Arrowhead against Denver when they do that and 56-11 overall.

The Chiefs, overall, are very good in December.  Dating back to 1995, the Chiefs are 21-6 at home in December.

Going even further back in the archives, only one Denver QB making his first start at Arrowhead has won in the last two-plus decades (Cutler).

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