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Schefter: Larry Johnson Wants to Play for the Steelers

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports on Monday Night Countdown that former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson wants to clear waivers.

And play for the Steelers.

Let me reiterate: Schefter is saying that this is what LJ wants to do but there has to be two to tango and we haven't heard from the Steelers on this.

Also, we're still waiting word on whether a team will claim him off waivers.  We should hear that tomorrow afternoon, though there's some chatter that he could be claimed.

In response to one fan saying the Rooney family (Steelers owner) wouldn't put up with it.  Schefter tweeted, "Really? They considered signing Mike Vick."

Schefter says that, after leaving Penn State, LJ wanted to be drafted by the Steelers (16th overall) and ultimately wanted to play for the Steelers.

"When Larry Johnson left Penn State," Schefter tweeted, "the one team he wanted to most play for was the Steelers. If he clears waivers, he'd love Pittsburgh."


Talk about shooting for the stars.  Going from the Chiefs to the Steelers would ultimately be a victory for LJ in my mind.  I hadn't really thought about the prospects of him having a shot at a Super Bowl.

If LJ went to the Steelers, would it feel like he "won" in this case?