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Belichick Thinks LJ Will Be Claimed Off Waivers

Strike New England off the list for Larry Johnson.  At least that's what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick tells WEEI radio in Boston.

But that's only because he thinks another team with a higher priority would claim him off the waiver wire.

Interesting quotes from Belichick after the jump.

Via WEEI in Boston:

"Well, I haven’t seen the wire but I assume he’ll be on there. I would doubt [the Patriots would acquire Johnson]," Belichick said on the Big Show. "First of all, I think a player like that that’s on the wire, similar to [wide receiver] Chris Chambers who came on last week, somebody will get ahead of us. Even if we claim him, I doubt that we would get him."

Wow.  From what I can gather, the majority of the media feels he will go unclaimed but Belichick's words are interesting.  If claimed, the new team would take LJ's contract, which would be very pleasing to the Chiefs.

I thought New England would be a possible landing spot for LJ because he would/could sign with the team after going unclaimed.  He could be on a winning team with playing time, while the Patriots could strike a cheaper deal for him.

The Boston Globe mentions in another report that the Pats worked out two running backs last week because of some injuries to the position.  This is why they were pointed to as a team that would take LJ.

They've also demonstrated an ability to take a potentially toxic player, like Randy Moss, and return him to Pro Bowl form.  Exchange Moss with LJ, and you get the picture.

That makes one team (NE) saying probably not and two teams (WAS and HOU) saying they might talk about it....and one head coach who thinks he'll be claimed off waivers.

Whether it's New England or not, interesting stuff coming from Belichick on this.

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