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Texans to Check Out Larry Johnson, Too

This afternoon we noted that Redskins head coach Jim Zorn was non-committal when asked about his interest in Larry Johnson.  He said he would have to have a few conversations to gauge the team's interest.

Well, another head coach has expressed interest in LJ, albeit a little more directly.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports, "Texans coach Gary Kubiak said today they will check out former Kansas City running back Larry Johnson."

I mentioned the Texans as a possibility earlier today.  They're one of the teams a lot of folks have been throwing around. 

McClain reiterates that Kubiak did not say the team will sign him - only that they'll check him out.

So far, we've got two teams that haven't immediately denied any interest in LJ.

Remember, if you want the Chiefs to save some money, then you want another team to claim LJ off waivers, thereby releasing the Chiefs of his contract.

However, the likely scenario, per multiple reports, is that he will go unclaimed and free to sign a cheaper deal with a team of his choosing.  In that instance, the Chiefs would be responsible for the $2.1 million or so remaining on his contract.

H/T oldchiefsfan in the FanShots