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Chiefs Brass Didn't Make Decision on LJ Until Early This Morning

Todd Haley is just wrapping up his press conference with the media and had a few interesting nuggets regarding, what else, the Larry Johnson situation.

Per the head coach, owner Clark Hunt was involved in the discussions regarding LJ along with GM Scott Pioli. 

After yesterday's 24-21 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Hunt flew back with Haley and Pioli, which apparently isn't the norm.  The three were able to discuss the LJ situation on the flight back and phone calls continued after they landed.

The decision to release LJ from his contract was not made until this morning.

Haley said he talked it over, presumably with Pioli, starting early this morning - around 6:00 AM.  I imagine this had been one of the options for a while but Haley tells us that they did not make a final decision until after 6:00 AM. The Chiefs issued a press release around 9:30 AM.

In today's press conference, Haley used the words "totality of the situation" quite a few times when talking about the decision to release him.  It's interesting use of words when you recall how Haley was adamant over the offseason that all players, including Larry Johnson, were coming in on a clean slate.  Johnson himself previously mentioned one of the positives of his situation was that he was coming in on a clean slate.

Maybe that just meant as far as on the field performance meant.  Or maybe Mr. Hunt pulled him aside and said, "Oh, about Larry..."

Quotes and more from Haley coming shortly.