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Chiefs RB Kolby Smith Talks About LJ, Running Back By Committee

Current Kansas City Chiefs RB Kolby Smith talked about his relationship with former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson this afternoon and touched on the future of the Chiefs running backs in the wake of LJ's release.

"He looked after me and made sure I was good on every level," he said of LJ via Josh Looney of "He had been a true friend."

Despite that friendship, the rest of the Chiefs running backs, namely Smith, Jamaal Charles and Dantrell Savage, will have to continue on.

"It was unfortunate what took place, but now we just have to move on. Jamaal (Charles), Dantrell (Savage) and I must move forward and continue to help this team try and win a game."

Smith said the Chiefs will likely employ what has struck fear into fantasy footballers for years - a running back by committee.

"Going forward, it will probably be more of a running back by committee," he said today. "It won’t just be totally on one running back’s shoulders."

If it matters, Smith did say he believes someone will pick up LJ.

"Yes, he’s a very good back," Smith said. "He’s a two-time pro bowler and he was only 74 yards away from holding our all-time record here. I know that other teams are looking at that and have seen what he’s done in the past. I think that someone will pick him up."

Smith also said there was no announcement from the coaching staff regarding LJ's release.  Ironically, some of them heard the news through Twitter.