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Agent: Larry Johnson is 'Excited and Regretful' After Release from Chiefs

Agent for Larry Johnson has spoken and he likens his client's release from the Chiefs to breaking up with a girlfriend.

Don't you hate it when you're dating someone and, when you want to break up with them, you have to weigh all your options like the money still due to her, signing bonus allocation and likely-to-be-earned incentives?

Okay, not the best analogy when you get down to it but LJ's agent spoke with The Associated Press.

"A part of him is excited and a part of him is very regretful," Johnson’s agent, Peter Schaffer, told The Associated Press. "There’s a lot of feelings going on right now. It’s analogous to breaking up with a girlfriend. Maybe you saw it coming, but it still hurts when it happens."

The part of LJ that is excited is the part that realizes he's getting the $2.1 million and $500,000 roster bonus he has coming to him no matter what.  The part of him that's regretful is the part that realizes he'll never see that type of money again.

Johnson's agent now has his work cut out for him as he tries to find his client another team 10 days before his 30th birthday.