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So, Will Anyone Sign LJ Now That The Chiefs Released Him?

The next move in this Larry Johnson saga has the Kansas City Chiefs eagerly awaiting whether another team has decided to sign him off waivers.  Whether he is picked up off waivers or not is likely a very big deal with the Chiefs since plenty of money is riding on it.

If he is signed off waivers, the new team would be responsible for the remainder of LJ's contract this season - $2.1 million in base salary plus a $500,000 roster bonus.  I wonder whether the Chiefs have knowledge of another team wanting to sign LJ, picking up his salary, which could have weighed into their decision to release him.  I have no information on this either way - it's just a thought.

If he is not signed off waivers, the Chiefs are responsible for the remainder of his contract and LJ is free to sign with whomever he wants.

So, to save the organization a dime, I'm rooting for LJ to be signed by someone off waivers.  That's the goal.  I know some folks want LJ to rot, instead of finding a team to play with, but that's not necessarily in the best interests of the organization at this point.

A decision on the waiver process should be available by tomorrow around 3:00 PM (CST).

So, who needs a running back?

Houston? Arizona? New England?  

Take your guess on where LJ will land next.