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The Jaguars Game Tells Us Nothing New About the Chiefs

Another game, another set of observations. Some might have watched the game only to turn it off as it neared the end, frustrated with another familiar Chiefs performance. Others might have watched the final minutes biting their nails, hoping some Music City Miracle-esque moment might take place. Either way, when the final seconds tick off, what I assume you're left with is the same old feeling with the same old talking points.

At least that's the way this game went down for me. I'm really not sure that the Jags game taught us anything about the Chiefs that the rest of this season hasn't already told us. The holes still remain in the same place. The capacity of hopeful players still fail to become realized. Play calling continues to be solid one minute and baffling the next (abandoning the run game early with so few carries for both Kolby Smith and Jamaal Charles at the half was absolutely mind-blowing - especially when they're killing Larry Johnson's YPC by more than a yard).

It was nice to see signs of life with Chris Chambers late and Lance Long early. And yet I have to believe that primarily that's the benefit of the hurry-up offense like that - which creates a hero out of somebody each and every time (someone has to get the yards) at the end and the absence of Bobby Wade on the part of Long.

The same can be said with the fine running numbers of Charles/Smith combined with 10 carries for 53 yards. A great average and very respectable showing. Yet again, why not continue to run the football and control the clock and give Matt Cassel some room to move. Obviously, Jacksonville was giving some room to run in this one and that's a trend we should have expected - they're 25th in the NFL in Rushing Yards Allowed.

So what do you think? Any other signs of life we should be particularly excited about? Any new insights? Or did it feel like the same old thing?