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Five Good Stats from the Chiefs' Loss to the Jaguars

Queue the typical response to this post each week:

"There were good stats from yesterday's game?"

Yes. Yes there were good stats AP readers. Now, there are more bad stats but that's another post for another time.

So far, this is what I've got that was good from yesterday:

  • Penalties
  • Tyson Jackson
  • YPC
  • The play of Matt Cassel
  • Eliminating the negative plays

Check out what I'm talking about, after the jump.

Only one penalty

Coming into this game today, the Chiefs had 48 penalties on the season. That's almost a 7 penalty a game average.

Well I'm guessing the extra preparation and rest the bye week gave the Chiefs did some good because they only committed only penalty against the Jaguars. It was offensive pass interference on Dwayne Bowe in the third quarter.

I'm happy about the low penalty number overall and I'm also happy that the Chiefs' offensive line wasn't called for anything. We seemed to have gotten into a nasty pattern where 3-4 penalties a game on the offense line was the norm.

There's Tyson Jackson!

The Chiefs' first round draft pick has been relatively quiet leading up to today's game. There were a few comments made early on in the game about how Tyson Jackson already seemed to be in on more plays that usual.

That good play continued as Jackson ended up being the Chiefs' leading tackler today with seven total tackles.

High YPC

The Chiefs only attempted to run the ball twelve times but they gained 57 yards on those carries. That's almost 5 yards per carry, which is a great stat.

Here's how the rushing stats broke down:

  • Jamaal Charles: 6 carries, 36 yards
  • Kolby Smith: 4 carries, 17 yards
  • Dantrell Savage: 2 carries, 4 yards

Why didn't the Chiefs run the ball more? Jamaal Charles' fumbleitis? Mixing up the playcalling? I'm not sure and that's something we'll explore as the week goes on.

Matt Cassel

Here's a fun stat: Matt Cassel ended up with a 96.3 QB rating, his second best rating of the year. By far Cassel's best game rating wise was Week 2 against the Raiders, when he finished the day with 124.5 passer rating.

Yes, about a third of Cassel's passing yards came on two players to Chris Chambers and Dwayne Bowe in what one may have called garbage time. But I think for what he has to play with, Cassel is playing like a hero out there. It's the same story every week - Cassel is taking heat; scrambling; trying to make something out of nothing most of the time. The timing isn't there with the receivers quite yet but it will be.

For the record, I'm not sold yet on Matt Cassel as this fantastic quarterback of the future. I think I will be sold by the end of the season judging by how Cassel has played so far but I'm not there yet.

No tackles for a loss

stagdsp noted this earlier and it bears repeating. Tackles for a loss or no gain were a standard part of the Larry Johnson rushing package. The advantages of Charles and Savage over LJ were made clear to me today. I don't think there is any reason to start LJ again this season. We'll be fine without him.

Any good stats out there that I missed?