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Jaguars WR Says Film of Chiefs Zone Defense Helped Them Win

After Sunday's 24-21 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Kansas City Chiefs players are presumably pissed.  Well, it won't help to hear that yet another wide receiver came into town and had a career day.  WR Mike Sims-Walker caught six passes for 147 yards including a 61 yard touchdown grab.

The Chiefs, yet again, let up the big plays on defense that the team and the coaching staff has stressed in recent weeks.

According to the Jags' Walker, film preparation of Clancy Pendergast's defense helped them turn the game into a routine event of finding spots in the Chiefs zone.

"We watched film and worked hard at practice all week," he said referring to film of the Chiefs defense. "We saw they were a zone team and found the holes in their zone. Every man tried to get into that hole and whoever he threw the ball to had to make the play.  It just happened to me this week."

Sims-Walker said simply, ""It was just a big day for the offense."

I've wondered this about Pendergast's defenses in the past. One of the remarks from a few analysts, former coaches and players was that Pendergast's defenses have a lot of different looks but operates a pretty standard defense.

If you watch the Chiefs defense, they're always lining up in strange sets, like FS Jon McGraw at MLB, or only two or even one lineman with his hand on the ground.

But does that pre-snap stuff really matter? It almost seems like those confusing defensive looks are the defense - that's the unique part of it, even though the defense operates, in the Chiefs case, quite poorly.

On the flip side of this, Mike Brown hints that the Jags offense did some things that the players were not prepared for.

“They did some things we really didn’t go over in practice,” he said. “You prepare for things, but we hadn’t seen those things all week, so there was some miscommunication.”