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Chiefs S Mike Brown Does Not Look Like the Bears S Mike Brown

Bob Gretz of is churning out stories as usual and he's got a few interesting quotes from Kansas City Chiefs S Mike Brown.  There are quite a few of us who are pointing to Brown as part of the problem and not the solution.  He's a known Todd Haley guy, someone the coach believes is the quarterback of the defense, and a familiar piece for Haley, but has been highlighted multiple times this season for the wrong reason.

When the Chiefs first signed him, and then following the release of Bernard Pollard in September, the rap on Brown by a lot of folks in the know was that he could still be a decent starter, if he were healthy.

"He looked like the Mike Brown of old, I mean a long ways back," a NFC head coach told Brad Biggs of the National Football Post after the Chiefs week one game against Baltimore. "I’m sitting there watching it and I’m saying to my assistant, ‘What a steal.’ He made some big hits and he was just all over the field. They used him at strong and they used him at free."

Two months later?

"I feel bad, I feel like I cost my team the game," Brown said today via Bob Gretz. "We only lost this game by three points. It’s easy to see if I had played a better game how we might be enjoying a win today, rather than another loss."

I think that's a fair statement from him.  He's not backing down from his mistakes today but it's hard to ignore what he said.  A better game by the 31 year old safety and the Chiefs might be talking about a win right now.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star said, "I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Mike Brown isn't getting it done."

Much more on Brown after the jump, including quotes on the two big plays he was responsible for today.

There were two major blunders from the safety spot in this game and Brown was in the middle of both of them.

The first came from Rashad Jennings.  The Chiefs should be familiar with this rookie. The Liberty product was worked out by the Chiefs prior to the draft.  He had nice numbers coming out of college and showed why in a 28 yard touchdown run this afternoon.

"I missed that one; I take responsibility for that," Brown said. "Those plays are things I cannot do if we are going to win … I had the opportunity to make the tackle and it didn’t happen."

Jennings was only in because Maurice Jones-Drew had lost his shoe on the play before it.

On the CBS halftime show, Shannon Sharpe had fun with the Jennings touchdown highlight.  "Where's the safety?  That's Mike Brown again.  You'll notice a recurring theme: Mike Brown, touchdown, Mike Brown, touchdown...(laughs)."

The second big mistake came on a 61 yard touchdown pass from Jaguars QB David Garrard to WR Mike Sims-Walker.

Walker was wide open on a big touchdown grab. Brown was actually responsible for him but read something in the offensive alignment before the play and admittedly screwed up his assignment in the cover two the Chiefs were playing at the time.

Brown also had two big missed tackles in Miles Austin's career day a few weeks ago.

I've heard some folks chatter about someone, maybe Morgan, replacing Brown at SS.  My opinion?  Not gonna happen.  Haley is a big, big fan of Brown and has, on multiple occasions, says he brings more to the team than what you see on Sundays.

I don't think Mike Brown will be replaced this season, though I understand there's beginning to be a argument that he should be.