Random Observations from the Chiefs vs Jaguars

- Why did Haley give up on the running game before the game even started? Larry Johnson gets 20 carries a game to run up Niswangers butt for 2.7 yds a carry, but he only gives Jamaal Charles 6 carries (for 6 yds a carry), Kolby Smith 4 carries (for 4.3 yds a carry). Maybe if he had committed to the run with RBs who actually gained yardage we could have stayed on the field for more than 3 downs at a time.

- Chiefs offense only converted 31% of their 3rd downs. The defense allowed Jacksonville to convert 56% of theirs.

- Anyone else noticed how much Cassel double clutches the ball before he passes?

- Tyson Jackson had 2 solo tackles and 3 assists going into todays game. Today he had 7 solo tackles.

- Mike Brown had 3 tackles today and blew coverage on a Jaguars TD. Bernard Pollard had 12 combined Tackles (9 solo), 2 interceptions and 3 passes defended for the Texans against the Colts.

- Maurice Jones-Drew was held to 2.7 yds per carry. The other two Jaguars RBs had a combined 23 yds per carry.

- The Jaguars defense had 5 sacks in seven games. Today the Chiefs gave up 3 (plus 8 QB hurries).

- Haley decided to try to kick a 56 yard field goal into winds gusting up to 30 mph at the end of the half that would have been returned for a TD if the holder (Dustin Colquitt) had not tripped the returner up out of bounds.

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