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Late Rally Comes up Short for the Kansas City Chiefs

An exciting final few minutes for the Kansas City Chiefs didn't even out a terrible game on nearly every front. The Chiefs only lost by three points - 24 to 21 - and the late comeback effort showed a lot of heart. But if you were going to divide this game up, it would have been 56 minutes of bad football and 4 minutes of aggressive, on point execution by the Chiefs.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the game. Add yours in the comments. More to come later this afternoon, of course.

The Good

  • Hello Chris Chambers! He caught a 54-yard TD pass and a 5-yard TD pass late in the game.
  • The Chiefs recovered an onside kick, which Ryan Succop picked up.
  • In the last five minutes of the game, the Chiefs got aggressive and it worked. Matt Cassel made two big passing plays late in the game on throws that were just heaves.
  • The Chiefs only had one penalty the entire game.

The Bad

  • The running game did not get it done once again, despite looking better than the normal Larry Johnson fare. The team only rushed for 60 yards. (Note: On second thought, looking at the YPC, it wasn't so bad)
  • The Chiefs were 4/13 on third down, keeping them right around their 20% season average.

The Ugly

  • Anyone see Brodie Croyle's hair on the sidelines? Yikes. Was he also wearing an earring?
  • No wonder this game was blacked out in Jacksonville. There were tons of empty seats at the stadium from the start of the game.