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Chiefs Late Scoring Spree Softens the Blow in 24-21 Loss to the Jaguars

Yes like nearly all NFL games, not everything today was bad for the Kansas City Chiefs.  There were a few positive notes to come out of the game.

In light of a nice FanPost from KCporkchop early this morning, here are a few positive, yes positive, notes on the game. 

We'll have plenty of stories coming up shortly so let's stick to the improvements the Chiefs made in this post.  Chris has the good, the bad and the ugly here.

MJD contained

Maurice Jones-Drew was the biggest offensive target entering the game.  Overall, the Chiefs contained him.

Last week he averaged over 20 yards per carry and runs of 80 and 79 yards. Today he barely broke the LJLine, or 2.7 yards per carry with 29 carries for 97 yards.

Tyson Jackson steps up

Your Week 9 tackle leader.

Seven tackles and some pressure on the quarterback.  As we've talked about on here a few times, Jackson's not necessarily put up big numbers, so these numbers can demonstrate that he was active in this game.

Yeah, yeah, there were still plenty of negatives to come out of this game.  But these are a few areas that I will say the Chiefs did a good job.

Chris Chambers has a big game

Hmm...I seem to recall someone around here saying Chambers could be the next in line to put up nice numbers in his debut with the Chiefs.  Bobby Wade (6 receptions) and Lance Long (4 receptions) have had better-than-usual numbers in their first game with the Chiefs.

Chambers continued that today with 3 receptions for 65 yards.  One of those was a 54 yard touchdown pass from Matt Cassel and another was a touchdown grab in the Chiefs 9th goal-to-go situation this season.

Two touchdowns in game one?  Nice start, Mr. Chambers.

Succop converts an onside kick

Entering this week, Ryan Succop led the NFL in onside kicks with four.  Unfortunately, the Chiefs onsides team hasn't come away with any of those.

Until today.  Down 24-13 with just over 2:00 left in the fourth quarter, Succop attempted an onsides.  The ball bounced off of a Jaguars blocker and the kicker recovered it himself.

Chiefs produce a legitimate comeback


The Chiefs in the second part of the fourth quarter was like looking into the future (hopefully).  They moved the ball down the field, kept a quick pace and consistently got positive yards.

The offense during those drives at the end are the only thing leaving a better taste in my mouth.

One penalty


No, really, only one penalty.