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Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is Getting Some Fantasy Football Attention

Although he's currently owned in 43% of Yahoo! fantasy leagues, Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is getting some attention.  When Larry Johnson's suspension was announced, I was excited because, as you can probably guess, I have Charles on my fantasy team.

Michael Berry and Merrill Hoge appeared on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown this morning and offered up Charles as a starter for fantasy folks.

Berry begins, "In limited time this year, he's averaged 5 yards a carry. Now he faces the Jacksonville Jags giving up over 120 rushing yards per game.  Remember the last time he got double digit carries?  Last year he got it once.  Over 100 yards."

Charles rushed the ball 18 times for 106 yards against the Raiders.

A good and, let's face it, optimistic report on Charles.

Hoge continued, "What I like about him is that he's got excellent feet, he gets in an out of the hole and he breaks tackles.  And, he is a decisive runner. You get him sealed on a corner, a seal here and a seal there, and hits the alley right there.

"Fantasy fans love when you get yards and touchdowns, that means points."

Are you any of you one of the 43% of Charles fantasy football owners?