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Former Chief Pollard Didn't Like Haley's Cursing

NJ Chiefs Fan linked a story in Arrowheadlines this morning that I was going to mention (even though I should have known he was going to beat me to it).

We've been hearing about Bernard Pollard playing well with the Texans as of late.  Their run stopping has improved, the players like his attitude and he is by many accounts very happy with the way the situation turned out.

Of course, the Chiefs are currently reeling at free safety and it's not like Pollard's replacements at strong safety have gone without criticism.

Pollard talked to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette about his time under Todd Haley with the Chiefs.  Quotes after the jump and I can't mention Fort Wayne without linking this Pollard video.

"With professional athletes, you’re dealing with grown men," he said obviously referring to Haley's loud and critical style. "You’re not dealing with boys," Pollard said. "You’re not in a locker room with sophomores in high school. You’re dealing with grown men with families. I have a wife. I have a son. And I have a daughter on the way."

Pollard implied, per the Journal-Gazette, that it was a personality conflict with Haley or GM Scott Pioli that led to his release.

"I’m not going to sit there and let you curse me out when you feel like cursing me out or talk to me any way you want to talk to me, and you just want me to sit and take it and say, ‘Yes, coach.’"

Back in training camp, Pollard had a shouting match with Clancy Pendergast that led to him being sent off the field.  That was the beginning of this "personality conflict" that Pollard suggests.

On Pollard's words, though, I'm not too surprised.  I would imagine that a lot of players would feel bitter towards Haley if they went through, what he called the most physical training camp in the NFL, and then it "didn't work out" (though I'm glad it worked out for Pollard eventually).

(Edit: Some folks are wondering if he has a problem with Haley then what the hell was it like with Gunther?)