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Former Chief Believes Players Will Begin to Question Haley

Former Kansas City Chiefs lineman Bill Maas appeared on 610 Sports yesterday afternoon talking with Chris and Cowboy about, what else, the sign.  Maas brings a unique viewpoint, as a former player, when he talks about the dynamics of a lockerroom, which is interesting as well.

He, like more and more folks, thinks this sign was a "JV move" by the coaching staff.  In fact, Maas takes it a step further and argues that this is turning point in the new regime's future.

"Mark the date down that this occurred," he says, "this will be a monumental point in time in this Haley/Pioli era and it's either going to be one way or the other."

More from Maas after the jump where he tells us that he knows the players notice this stuff and will begin to second guess him "because that's what players do."

Maas argues that it'll be something that unifies the team or it'll be another low point in a string of low points for the franchise.

And with that unique viewpoint, Maas compares to an experience he had as a player with the Chiefs under head coach John Mackovic.

"I can remember, John Mackovic," Maas says, "one time he came in and he put up this "Goals" sign above the hot tub where the players congregated in the shower, and it said team goals.

"Win three games in a row, all these different little things, it was a ladder," he continued. "He put it up.  It was like, 'Wait a second, you put this up' and we didn't even vote on team goals.  The players just mocked and laughed and made fun of it. 

"When you get to that point, doing those desperate things, the players know it. I just can't believe it happened this early.  That might work in a golf clubhouse, but it's not working in a NFL lockerroom."

Strong words from Mr. Maas, as he continues to say that the Chiefs players are likely to second guess Haley on this.

"The players are going to second guess it because that's what players do," he told 610 Sports.

Maas gets a little more specific continuing with the sign issue.  He calls the timing of it a "poor decision" and wonders aloud if LJ's tweets resonate, privately of course, with any of the current Chiefs.

"Obviously the problem isn't with just one person. They must feel like there is more than just one person that believes what Larry johnson was spouting off about."

Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star ttouched on this subject yesterday, as well.  There are some players, per Whitlock, that will say the right things to continue seeing their paycheck.

"The players are going to say the right thing, there's no question," Maas said yesterday afternoon.  "But to themselves they have to be saying, 'You've got to be kidding me'."

Moss goes on to say that the sign comes off accusatory from the coaches to the players.  He says that finger pointing is the beginning of a possible downfall for the team.

To counter his point, I'd argue that any significant "turning point" or "downfall" won't come for quite some time.  It's hard to judge a coach seven games into his coaching career.  I don't think we should be in the mindset that anyone with the organization considers replacing Haley after year one (and maybe even year two).

Maas did say, however, he wants Haley to succeed, which is what we all want as well.