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Random Observations about the Jacksonville Jaguars

In order to get you more prepared for the Kansas City Chiefs game tomorrow, I've gone through a bunch of the Jacksonville Jaguars statistics and pulled out some of the more interesting ones. At least interesting from our perspective.

I did the Big Cat Country podcast on Wednesday and the overwhelming feeling I was left with after talking to those guys was: The Jaguars' defense sucks. Apparently, they have no pass rush and after playing pretty well on run defense, gave up 305 yards last week to the Titans.

A once proud defense is now in the bottom seven of the league.

After the jump, some random observations about the Jaguars...

Jags are second in yards per carry

A crazy YPC average last week - 13.6 - propelled the Jaguars to #2 in the NFL in rushing yards per attempt. They are averaging 135 yards per game on the ground and have 11 rushing TDs.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew is averaging 5.5 yards per carry and has 10 rushing TDs on the season. He also has 27 receptions so it goes without saying that he'll be a big part of the Jags' offense on Sunday.

Opponents are passing well against the Jags

Jaguar opponents are averaging a jaw-dropping 70% pass completion rate this season. Jacksonville has yet to have a QB pass for over 300 yards against them but 70%? I like that number a lot.

Don't need to worry about Matt Cassel's health

One of the big takeaways from that podcast I did was that the Chiefs pretty much do not have to worry about the Jaguars pass rush. The stats definitely support this.

The Jaguars only have four sacks on the season and I believe I read a comment around here from a Jags fan about how their defense couldn't get past a 3rd string left tackle sometime in the last couple of weeks.

This is a very average Jags team

Here's how the Jaguars stack up as far as rankings go against the rest of the NFL:


  • Points - 19.0 (22nd)
  • Yards per game - 351.7 (11th)
  • Passing yards - 216.1 (19th)
  • Rushing yards - 135.6 (8th)


  • Points - 25.3 (25th)
  • Yards per game - 370.7 (24th)
  • Passing yards - 242.4 (26th)
  • Rushing yards - 128.3 (25th)

I can't say this game tomorrow is going to be exciting. It may well turn out that way, which can happen when you have two fairly evenly matched teams.