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Friday Night Open Thread

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Good evening everyone.

I'm sick and pretty much down for the count tonight while Mrs. Arrowhead Pride (emphasis on the "r" nowadays) is out with a friend to see...Diane Keaton. Yeah. Diane. Keaton. I mean, is she really that intriguing that people will pay to hear her just talk? I really don't get it. The ladies of AP (all four of you) please explain to me the appeal of one Diane Keaton. Is she 40 years old? Or 75?

Okay. Total, weird tangent there. I don't know where that came from. Anyway, this is an open thread for tonight. I noticed the last couple of FanShots were filling up fast with comments so I wanted to get a new thread up to satiate the needs of the AP readership.

Chat away about whatever's on your mind.