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Whitlock Takes Aim at Chiefs Brass (On the Radio Edition)

Yesterday on 610 Sports, Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star joined Chris and Cowboy to talk about the newest drama at Arrowhead - The Sign.

And in typical Whitlock style, he holds nothing back.  He ranges from calling the new administration "stupid" with their decisions, "clueless" at times and, of course, arrogant.

This might be the best line, though: 

"It's amateur hour over there. Carl Peterson is somewhere laughing his ass off and I know Herm Edwards is laughing his ass off."

After the jump, I've pulled out a bunch of snippets from his interview, which you can listen to here.  He also relayed many of these feelings in his column this morning.

Many of us figured these signs were put up at the request of Todd Haley, who had told reporters that he planned to have them up weeks ago.

"I believe on this deal here, he's scrambling because he's covering for Scott Pioli.  There's no chance in hell that that sign was put up without Scott Pioli's approval on location and what was said on that sign.  Everything that goes on in that practice facility that has to do with football, Scott Pioli signs off on.  The whole message screams from Scott Pioli.  It's a joke."

Whitlock argues that Haley's talk about the hallway the sign was in as being "sacred" is a "joke" and he's backtracking because either he or Chiefs PR didn't realize what this would turn into.

"It took them 24 hours to figure out, 'We look like a couple of jackoffs.'"

Whitlock argues that the sign is indeed a slap at Larry Johson, and it's an immature move on the part of the Chiefs brass.

"You know what they look like?  When I was in New England, in 1998, and got into it with the fans, I put up a sign with Bledsoe, gay and a question mark.  That kinda immature, rookie stuff....I was 27, 28 years old.  I can't remember how old I was - but I was just a controversial, outspoken, on the edge columnist who responded to some taunting by doing something inappropriate."

And for the money quote:

"Larry Johnson got them into a taunting contest and they responded like a couple jackoffs, not like guys that are getting paid millions to run an NFL franchise."

You know, if Whitlock would just stop holding back and tell us how he really feels, his career would really take off.

"I wanted these guys to have success.  But from day one when they got here they've been arrogant, spoiled, stupid, clueless, completely in over their heads in the way they've conducted themselves, most of this driven by Pioli, and Haley following his lead."

Whitlock's apparently not the only one that he claims believes Haley is a puppet for Pioli.

"If you talk to Adam Teicher, Randy Covitz, Kent Babb, any of these guys that followed these guys early on, Haley couldn't talk almost without getting approval from Scott Pioli.  He was brought here to be Pioli's puppet.  So, it's laughable to think that now Haley's throwing up signs without Pioli's approval."

Now, here's where it gets a little interesting.  Whitlock claims he has multiple sources that tell him Pioli's reputation has been that of an ego-maniac since his time in New England.  Hindsight is 20/20 but Whitlock says he now regrets not doing his homework on Pioli a little better.

"These guys are a couple of rookies and I've heard from numerous people around the league, 'Oh Jason, I wish you would have checked with me before you did all this co-signing for Scott Pioli.  I could have told you this long ago this guy's reputation in New England Ego-maniac who rode Bill Belichick's coattails.  I felt foolish for not doing better homework and exposing this guy before he got here.  Can they change and adjust?  Yes, hopefully they will.  But right now wev'e got a couple clowns running this football team."

Why was Whitlock in contact with Pioli for a year before he got the job?

"I had access to people who knew better, credible people.  But I went with my own instincts.  I haven't written a whole lot about this but for a year before the guy got the job I was in regular communication with Scott Pioli."


"Ever since I've started writing about some of the problems I've seen, I've been inundated from friends of mine [who say] 'Jason, man, I coulda told you this.'  And they've got stories to back it up."


"They're not doing any self-evaluation.  'It's these terrible freakin' players we've got', 'It's these idiot media people that just don't get it', 'I won three Super Bowls', 'I was the offensive coordinator for a team in the Super Bowl and if everyone would just shutup and do what we told them to they'd be 4-4 right now'.  


"They've got these guys singing the tune, like Glenn Dorsey, pretending they're all good with it because they want to keep their paychecks."

Can you share any of these stories about Pioli that you've learned?

"I'm going to share them in the Kansas City Star because that's where I get paid.  At some point I am.  So many people are caught up with these guys and I think I have it in for them.  And some people say, 'Oh you must be in the tank for Brian Waters.'  Man, I haven't talked to Brian Waters all season other than BS, 'Hey how's your family doing', in the locker room."