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Chiefs Coach Haley Says New Signs Are a Team Issue

Interesting exchange with Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley regarding the new signs that have been put up around the building.  His words would indicate that he didn't want the media to report on the signs, particularly this sign, that were put up during the bye week.

Quotes from Haley after the jump.

"To me that hallway, even though you guys are in it," he told reporters today, "is still a sacred hallway and I don’t think it’s any different than you guys videotaping a guy walking down the hall naked or in a towel. So, me personally I think that stuff is off-limits. You get to see it with your eyes because you come through this area but I don’t think it’s any different of taking a picture of something else in that hallway."

As a reporter pointed out in the Q&A video, the sign was first tweeted out by one of the collection of Chiefs Twitter accounts.

The Chiefs head coach was then asked by a reporter, 'So you’re saying that sign is something we should not report on?'

"That’s just my feeling," he said.  "I understood that the media could see some of those things. We’ve had posters in hallways where media was in other places that we’ve been that really hadn’t been talked about. You all can make of it what you want but that’s for us."

Matt Cassel was asked about the signs a few times today and he deferred to the head coach.

Haley said he had a plan to put these signs up for weeks.