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Chiefs QB Cassel Gets a Few Questions on the New Signs

Over the bye week, the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff put up some new signs around the locker room and meeting rooms.  One of them seemed, to some people, to send a message to the players, maybe Larry Johnson in particular.

"Losers assemble in small groups and complain about the coaches and other players," one sign read and continued on the bottom, "Winners assemble as a team and win."

Today, QB Matt Cassel was asked about the signs around the building.  Judging by the questions, and the video of the Q&A, folks were interested in hearing Cassel's take on the signs.  Here's the exchange with Cassel today.  Questions are in bold.

Q: We’ve seen some new signs around the building, what do you think about those?

CASSEL: "I’m still getting to know them, so please don’t ask me to recite them right now. It’s good. It’s just a reminder to everybody to do certain things and stay on top of your job."

Q: Does this team need that reminder? What are your thoughts on why they’re there?

CASSEL: "I think you’d have to ask Coach on that. When we came back they were up and I think everybody has taken notice of it."

Q: Did you guys notice them right away or did Coach say they were up; you get kind of in a routine and might now look at the walls all the time?

CASSEL: "Yeah, it’s pretty obvious when you come in – it’s right there in front of your face. I think it’s just a good reminder for everybody."

Q: Why do you think they went up?

CASSEL: "I don’t know. Like I said, you’re going to have to ask Coach. He’s the one who put them up, and we’re the ones that get to look at them and read them and hopefully it’ll help."